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We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you as Pakistan Packages Tour, one of the leading Tour Operators of Pakistan, offering a wide range of tour itineraries relating to sheer adventure, exquisite culture and thrilling special interest options throughout the country. Our aim is to become the leading adventure tour company of Pakistan without forgetting our origins and key values. We strive to provide our clients with the best of services and greatest of memories and in the same time we hope to help rehabilitate the positive image Pakistan deserves.

Our mission

The main field of activity of our company is adventure tours in the region of Gilgit Baltistan – north Pakistan, a true paradise for adventure lovers! Gilgit Baltistan (formerly known as the Northern Areas) is situated at the intersection of four of the world’s mightiest mountain ranges; The Hindu Kush, the Himalayas, The Karakoram and The Pamirs . These ranges form the largest concentration of High Mountain peaks in the world within a radius of less than a hundred miles. There are as many as 500 peaks ranging in height from 6000m to 8000m out of which 29 peaks are over 7500m and 137 over 7000m.

Our Key Values

Our key values are trust, commitment and the joy of sharing. We have great trust in our staff & the services we offer and would like for our clients to be able to trust us for more than 100%. We are highly committed to provide superb adventure experiences to our clients and this means that they can count on us even after they have returned home. There is no greater joy then to share – for us this means sharing the vast beauty of Pakistan and the incredible hospitality of it’s people with our clients but also giving back to the communities and providing job opportunities for local men and women.

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What our clients say

Maqsood, the head of PPT, has his heart at the right place and is a excellent company!



My name is firm. I’m coming to recommend a pakistani tour package for you guys to be confident. I traveled two years ago with Mr. Maqsood alam the owner of the Pakistani tour package and his team Mr. Maqsood is a skilled person and has an experienced team. He has unique unique identity to present to customers. The purpose of Pakistan tour is that customers need to get great service and safety is the most important in every step of the journey. Between the path you travel, the guide will explain the culture, history and other information to you.



Very impressed with the guide's hospitality. take good care of us The tourist attraction is also very beautiful, with a million dollar view, complete with mountains, rivers, changing leaves and snow. Everywhere you take pictures, it's beautiful. Even after driving for a long time, the view on the side of the road is so beautiful that I don't want to close my eyes at all. The driver was able to drive well. Coming here has changed my mind from looking at Muslims looking scary, but after meeting them, people here are kind-hearted. not as expected Plus, come here and feel like a celebrity because people here like to ask tourists to take pictures. In summary, I really like this place. It's not wrong to choose to travel here. You can take a lot of photos. It's beautiful everywhere.



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Maqsood Alam

Founder & CEO


Usman Shah

Marketing Manager


M Ali Ashar

General Manager

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